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Programming our passion

Our Portfolio


Search staff for the purpose of the customer.
Suitable for:

  • long projects
  • bug fixes and support;
  • minimizing costs;


Accompaniment of the project according to the goals and strategy.
Recommended for:

  • dynamically developing medium and large projects
  • finalization / development of individual project areas

Project Development

Implementing the customer's idea according to requirements and strategy.
Suitable for:

  • Beginning projects
  • application development and WEB
  • work with integration into large networks


Develop a project strategy and / or advise on technical issues.

  • in the initial planning phase
  • for young and medium-sized projects

Software Developers VincoNet

Our company specializes on the developing and support of high loaded distributed systems. Has successful experience of implementing major financial, telecommunication and information systems.

Our experience is:

  • Developing and support of complex financial systems (e-money, e-banking, quick payments, acquiring, etc.)
  • Developing and support of complex Telecommunication monitoring and management systems (SS7, SIGTRAN, VoIP, Fraud Prevention systems, NMS, IMEI database, etc)
  • Developing and support of complex Social networks for different purposes. Research for Social ID mathematical model creation.
  • Developing and support for different internet stores and other web resources.
  • Supporting third party Contact Centers
  • Developing and support for mobile applications

Our clients are large companies in Ukraine, USA, Israel and other countries. Our products are flexible and scalable, as well as being tested under high loads.

The company employs more than 100 engineers, administrators and developers of various specializations.

Languages, databases and technologies we use:

  • Languages: Java EE, SCALA, JavaScript (Node.JS, Angular.JS, ReactJS), PHP, C#, .Net
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL
  • Platforms: Debian Linux, FreeBSD, AWS, Microsoft Windows
  • Technologies and frameworks: Business Objects, Jasper Reports
  • Database report systems: SCRUM, Kanban, Continuous Integration

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If you have any questions or would like to communicate with the manager, please send us your message in which please indicate all the information you are interested in. Also, you can chat with us in our office.

Smolenskaya str. 31-33, Kiev, Ukraine, 03005

+38 (044) 300 03 33