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We can do any programming tasks – VincoNet

Our company uses the latest technology design and development of software in symbiosis with proven and reliable solutions, trying to keep up with the times without reducing the quality of the developed products. We have implemented the SCRUM methodology in order to meet the development deadlines as accurately as possible and inform the customer about the actual status of the work.
Our specialists use a wide range of technologies to perform tasks of any complexity.

Some of the technologies and programming languages ​​that we use:
Java is a language interpreting programs written with it, regardless of the platform on which the applications created under it are executed. Unlike C++, Java is object oriented.

Scala is a relatively young programming language, which is positioned by its authors as object-oriented — each value is an object, any operation calls a method. It is believed that Scala is more simplified and easier to program than the Java language.

Groovy is a language created as an alternative to the Java language, which in turn means that it is used for programming on a Java platform. The structure and syntax of Groovy is very similar to Java, but it is simpler and much more expressive. The idea of ​​creation is inspired by the languages ​​Smalltalk and Ruby.

Grails is a framework written in Groovy, which in turn is based on Java. This framework has been edited in advance and is free from unnecessary, which makes it possible to work with the code much faster.

PHP is a programming language whose purpose is to create scripts, work with databases, generate HTML pages, web applications on web servers. It is supported by almost all hosting providers and is one of the most popular today means for creating dynamic sites.

Zend Framework is a freely available framework written by Zend, a powerful tool for creating professional PHP web applications.

Yii is another PHP web application framework.

C is the universal programming language most often used to create system software.

C++ is an object-oriented, modified and extended version of C, based on the syntax of the latter.

C# (C-Sharp) is a programming language created for writing applications on the Microsoft .NET platform. Based on the syntax of C and C++ languages.

Objective-C is one of many varieties of C languages. More object oriented.

Database management systems:
MySQL is a very well-known and frequently used multi-threaded database server. Simply put, it is a program that receives and processes queries that are written in SQL (standardized structured query language).

PostgreSQL, like MySQL, is a database management system. The difference between PostgreSQL and MySQL is that its creators relied on applications not only for the Web, but also for many other complex applications. At the same time using PostgreSQL on the Web is also justified.