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Payment system, e-money system

The developed system is a universal complex that proceed transactions between financial, business organizations and users to sell goods and provide various services using electronic money and a transfer system without opening accounts.

The software consists of two independent complexes – the Payment System and the e-Money System.

The system includes all the necessary functionality for the implementation of financial services:

    • Registration and opening of e-wallets
  • E-money issue
  • e-money Distribution
  • e-money transfer
  • Translation system without opening accounts
  • AWP Cashier, AWP Monitoring,
  • Reporting system
  • FinMonitoring
  • PPO, POS support

Electrum Payment System has been operating since 2016. The main partners are logistics operators and retail stores. The system provides transfers without opening accounts, with the possibility of splitting the payment in several directions, as well as the distribution of e-money through a network of distribution agents in order to pay for various services.