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Europe can spend on the development of green technologies 351 billion euros

The WindEurope Association estimates that by 2030, the development of wind power can attract up to € 351 billion in investments to Europe. A prerequisite for this is the correct formulation of tasks and the immediate launch of reforms in the European energy industry.

The report of WindEurope says that if next year the European Union develops and adopts a plan for the development of green energy, then in 12 years, green technologies will account for 35% of generation. This will create more than 700 thousand additional jobs.

WindEurope‘s experts argue that wind power already provides about 10% of European electricity needs, and reducing technological costs makes it a real alternative to fossil fuels.

WindEurope states that the EU is preparing a package of laws that should define the new energy plans of the European Union starting in 2020. Its development is already at the finish line and should be completed by the beginning of 2018.

European energy industry claims that the uncertainty with government support for the industry over the next decade will lead to a disruption of the investment component, slowing development and domination of China in the market for wind energy.

The baseline scenario assumes an investment of € 239 billion and an increase in the share of renewable energy by 2030 to 30%. At the same time, the capacity of wind power stations will double and amount to 323 GW. WindEurope believes that the targets of this package can be increased to 400 GW. At the same time, the association proposes to set the upper standard of permissible emissions at 550 g of carbon dioxide per 1 kW-hour of generated electricity.