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Electronic Audit System Deloitte

Audit and confirmation services can help organizations see farther and deeper into their business. Because of the increased confidence in the companies we audit in order to help organizations meet the insurance requirements outlined in regulatory documents and standards, we are more confident in helping the system of multi-territorial capital markets. Auditing is more than a commitment – it is a powerful lens to highlight the current state of the enterprise, providing insights that can inform about future aspirations.

Deloitte ESPA is a scalable web application for an automated financial audit process. It allows you to use databases and ERP-systems, such as MS SQL, Oracle, Peaplesoft.

Technologies and tools that we used in the development:

  • MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Server
  • Mongodb
  • .Net, C#
  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • MS TFS