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Contact center support and management

Prestige PAIS (customer – – the system implements work processes for medical insurance and travel insurance, allows you to create a large number of reports.
Our main responsibilities are eliminating design flaws and bugs, MySQL performance, optimizing Jasper reports, javascript and grovy scripts.

1. Support ServicePattern 24/7 environment
2. Periodic testing of the system
3. Troubleshooting (ServicePattern, network, reports, log analysis)
4. New system deployment for multi-server configuration
5. Move the system to a new HW for a multi-server configuration.
6. Lossless software update for multi-server configuration
7. Providing customers with new reports on request.
8. Optimization of existing reports
9. Preparation of materials for customer training
10. Communication with the developer
11. Maintain internal knowledge base
12. Implementation and support of the monitoring system
13. Creation of technical documentation

Technologies and tools we used:

  • Spring
  • Grails, Groovy
  • Mercurial
  • Jira
  • Knockout.js
  • Mongodb
  • MySQL
  • Jasper reports